Want to eat more food, shape a stunning figure AND get stronger without piling on unwanted body fat? Keep Reading…

You’re about to be shown the “escape route” from a lifetime of dieting and stressing over your calorie intake. The question is… will you take it?

I’m about to say something controversial.

You may even find it shocking.

But all I’m asking is you stick with me so I can explain.

Because it’ll lead to a BIG “a-ha'' moment for you.

Before we get to that, I need to tell you something I’ve come to realize

from years of coaching over one thousand women.

When it comes to women’s health and fitness there’s only one thing more difficult than losing fat…

What you do after you’ve lost fat.

Fat loss is just as much of an emotional journey as it is a physical one.

You’ve invested so much time and effort into losing weight.

You’ve overcome countless challenges.

You’ve had to talk yourself out of quitting on your diet more times than you can remember.

You’ve stripped away body fat to reveal a smoke show figure.

And now you have no idea about what to do next.

You’re terrified of losing the results you worked so hard for.

You want to be a little more care free when it comes to your diet.

You don’t want to track every single bite of food for the rest of your life.

I hope you’re ready for the controversial statement I warned you about earlier because here it comes…

You can’t lose fat forever.

You need to increase your calories.

You need to grow.

You need to get stronger.

No one likes to talk to women about this.


Because they’re terrified you’ll run a mile the second you hear about what you need to do next (revealed shortly).

I happen to know different.

Not because I’ve got some sort of intuition when it comes to speaking to women (quite the opposite if I’m being honest)

It’s because I’ve worked with literally thousands of women both in person and online.

If you factor in the clients I’ve overseen with my team of coaches then that number climbs even higher.

So I know that despite your initial reservations about the solution I’m going to reveal to you.

Once you hear HOW it works.

And you SEE the results it’s delivered for women just like you…

You’ll be wondering where this has been your whole life.

But before we get to that.

We need to address the elephants in the room.

Because when it comes to eating more food, growing, and getting stronger…

The myths women have been held back by for years are still clinging on.

And they could be holding you back right now.

So there’s only one thing for it.

Let the myth busting begin…

The Post Fat Loss Diet Myths Stopping You From Living Your Best Life

More calories = weight gain

This is the biggest myth of them all.

And it's understandable why you'd think this.

If eating less food leads to weight loss, then surely the opposite is true?

Not necessarily.

More calories CAN mean...

  • Being able to eat more food without gaining weight
  • More energy to smash PR's in the gym
  • Drastically improved overall health and energy levels
  • Plus so much more

You'll find out how this happens shortly.

Hit a 1 rep max every other session

You’re not a powerlifter.

Just because you have the fuel to potentially hit PR’s doesn’t mean every session turns into a 1 rep max test.

This will not build muscle.

But it will increase your chances of injury.

You should get stronger when you’re trying to build muscle.

But stronger doesn’t always mean hitting a 1 rep max.

What about a 3 rep max?

What about getting 10 reps using the weight you previously used for 6 reps?

What about taking a specific muscle group to absolute failure?

Training to maximize muscle growth requires structure, variation, and just the right amount of challenges (presented at the right time).

Not random 1 rep max tests for likes and “💪” comments on Instagram.

You need to force feed yourself

Slogging through a mountain of food at every meal is NOT required.

Not only will this make eating feel like a chore.

It’ll put your body in “digest mode” all day long.

Which means zero energy, brain fog, and absolutely no desire to train.

There are other ways of gradually increasing your calorie intake without every meal looking like a food challenge.

In fact, if you do it properly (I’ll explain how shortly).

You’ll hardly notice you’ve gained a single pound of body fat.

Just like these women...

So what should you do to eat more food, shape a stunning figure AND get stronger without piling on unwanted body fat?

Before I tell you exactly what you should do I need to make something crystal clear…

Bulking is not the solution.

Even the word itself probably makes you wince.

You’re going to be following an entirely different approach which I’ll reveal shortly.

But first, tell me how this sounds to you…

  • Being relatively lean year round so you’re always within touching distance of getting into shape “bikini body”.
  • Eating lots of delicious food and having plenty of flexibility with your diet without having to worry about putting on excess body fat
  • Hitting PR’s across the board in the gym because you can fuel your training and recovery

How does all that sound to you?

Because you can have it all plus so much more (revealed below).

And it all starts by focusing on…


Growth is controlled and specific.

Your figure grows into looking sensational AND being capable of epic things on the gym floor.

Your calorie intake grows into being able to accommodate any type of food and social occasion you can handle.

And it also influences results in another area.

These results have a truly life changing impact.

Because it’s one thing to experience physical growth…

But when you combine it with growth in your mindset?

You unlock potential you never knew you had.

You become a better and better version of yourself with each passing week.

Your quality of life reaches a level you couldn’t even dream of.

There are plenty of people out there with ridiculous physiques who are miserable.

That's not what I want for you.

Because on top of all the jaw dropping and empowering physical results we’ve covered so far…

I also want you to experience what I call…

Viral Personal Growth

You’ve seen people go “viral” on social media.

One video.

One post.

One tweet.


Hundreds of thousands of followers, comments, and DM’s come flooding their way.

The same principle applies to you and your muscle growth.
Because if you’re growing physically the right way (like I’ve outlined above)...

You can use this growth to “go viral” and spread to other areas.

Like your mindset and lifestyle.

Just take a second to imagine what that would be like for you.

Watching your physique grow and become more sculpted every single week.

While developing a strong, resilient, positive mindset towards life and everything you want to achieve.

Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it?

And you’re probably wondering how you can make all this happen.

So I won’t keep this from you any longer.

It’s time for you to discover…

The Growth Project

The Growth Project follows the same format and structure of our flagship Fat Loss Project which has delivered results for 1,500+ people.

You may have completed the FLP yourself in which case this program is PERFECT for you.

Everything in this program has been taken from the thousands of results the MTN Coaching team has delivered both online and in person.

We’ve mapped out the ultimate muscle and mindset growth journey from start to finish.

And created a program which literally walks by your side for 8 weeks as you experience greater and greater results.

Here's what you can expect when you sign up…

💻 E-Coaching Sessions - via coaching emails which have been tried. Tested, and proven on the Fat Loss Project. These are more like personal letters written to you which multiple clients have reported as being “like you’re inside my head”.

🍛 Lean Muscle Nutrition Plan which will ensure that you increase your calorie intake in a way that minimises fat gain, grows lean muscle all over your body AND fuels your performance in the gym.

💪🏻 The MTN Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle that will push your body in exactly the right ways to ensure progress happens like clockwork. This program will guarantee you return to the gym with everything you need to make quick gains. With clear instructions on how to do more each week without overdoing it so you stay in the 'Goldilocks Zone' of making gains.

🧠 Your Personal Development Program which cuts through the noise and delivers the exact strategies that move you close to being the best version of yourself and living your best life.

And there's something else you should know.

It's VERY important.

And rarely spoken of.

So just knowing this will put you in a very exclusive club.

Here it is...

The most incredible fat loss results you see were ALL set up by a dedicated GROWTH PHASE.

You don't have to take my word for it.

Here's the proof 👇

These Incredible Fat Loss Results Were Set Up By A Dedicated "Growth Phase"

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I know there will be a part of your brain that's telling you this is too good to be true.

Even with all the proof you've seen so far.

I totally get that.

This concept of muscle and mindset growth within one elite program isn’t very common.

And the truth is, even if you couldn’t care less about mindset growth and just want to build a sensational figure while lifting some serious weights…

The Growth Project will deliver results.

But if I can be honest with you?

I would rather you didn’t sign up if this is how you feel.

This program has been designed to deliver elite results both physically AND mentally.

And a lot of your e-coaching sessions are focused on things like mindset, habits, routines, lifestyle development, etc.

So we only want people who want both those things to sign up.

Why Do We Focus On More Than Just Physical Growth?

You are WAY more than your physique.

There are plenty of people out there with ridiculous physiques who are miserable.

That's not what I want for you.

If you don’t grow on a physical and emotional level then your results can disappear FAST.

I’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty.

Physical progress shouldn’t happen by itself.

You know those people who have a great job and lots of money but never see their mates or their family?

That’s the equivalent of changing your body while neglecting your mindset and lifestyle.

When it comes to the “how”...

We don’t hold hands and sing songs round a campfire.

The strategies, tactics, and resources you get access to are all battled tested and proven to deliver results.

These are the things myself and the MTN Coaching team have used repeatedly throughout our clients journey’s to ensure they transform themselves both inside & out.

Everything you will have access to in The Growth Project has been tried, tested, and proven to work in hundreds of client transformations.

Which brings us to the "crossroads moment" you probably knew was coming

This is where I’m supposed to make you feel like you only have two choices…

1. Joining The Growth Project
2. Never getting the results you want

But the truth is you have plenty of choices.

I believe The Growth Project is the best one you have.

But you might feel different.

And that’s ok.

I get that the concept of “growing” that I’ve explained above can be scary.

It certainly was for every single woman you’ve seen on this page.

So here’s what I’ll say before I sign off…

If you've read through what’s involved and thought 'I want that'...

If you're coming off a fat loss phase and want to transition perfectly into muscle gain without piling on the pounds…

If you want to start gaining muscle and growing in all areas of your life so your next fat loss phase is your best one yet...

If you want to put your focus on transforming not just your physique but your lifestyle, self confidence, mindset, and so much more ...

Then you have everything you need to make it happen inside The Growth Project.

I promise you won't regret signing up.

You can sign up by filling out your details below.

I hope to see you on the inside,

David Hatt
MTN Head Coach & Founder.

Sign Up Here & Begin Your Life Changing Growth Project Experience

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The Growth Project FAQ's

🗣️ What are the workouts like?

Your workouts will be suited for any and all gyms.

And the one thing you will get to experience after every workout is PROGRESS.

Because with the extra calories and all the other growth focused resources inside The Growth Project you will be blown away by your performance in the gym.

I know you're not a powerlifter or a bodybuilder.

But just wait until you see what your capable of during this pogram.

It'll be incredibly empowering and immensely rewarding.

🗣️ Do I get a meal plan or calorie & protein targets?

You get both!

We will be coaching you through the process of setting your own nutritional targets while providing you with our highly coveted meal templates.

🗣️ I'm not a big eater and I'm worried about how much I'll have to eat?

Don't worry.

Your nutrition is tailored to your needs.

And the methods we use to increase calories means you don't have to sit down and stare at a mountain of food for every meal.

There are plenty of "hidden in plain sight" approaches you'll use on The Growth Project that'll make increasing your calories easy, enjoyable and (most importantly) delicious.

🗣️ Will I gain weight?

Honestly… there's a good chance you will BUT not in the way you think.

You'll gain a little weight.

But because you're doing this using our Growth Methods you'll still look and feel amazing.

In fact, most girls hardly notice a single difference in scale weight as their calories go up.

PLUS here's what you get in return;

More muscle, more calories, and more potential for your next fat loss phase to be unreal.

That's like asking you if you would spend £10 to make £100, the answer would ALWAYS be YES!

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TGP 2023