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Want to know what all our most lean and jacked male clients have in common?

Including ALL the 12 Week Peak finalists & winners 👀

They all completed a growth phase before they started dieting.

This is super important for you to know about if you plan on doing the 12 Week Peak in 2024.

Because if you want to be pulling your t-shirt off on photoshoot day next year in front of hundreds of your fellow 12 Week Peakers…

And reveal an insanely jacked, lean and aesthetic physique.

The kind of physique that wouldn’t look out of place on a magazine cover (genuinely, just look at the 2023 results for yourself and you’ll see Men’s Health cover worth physiques). 

A physique that has all your mates asking how you done it (with the odd accusation of you being on the 💉😂). 

Then your first step is nailing your growth phase. 

Which I’m going to break down for you in detail shortly along with the 3 muscle building myths that stop you from revealing your peak physique. 

But what if you have no intentions of doing the 12 Week Peak next year?

First off, that’s rude…

Kiddin’ on 😊

If you’re not doing the 12 Week Peak then the only reason you should keep reading is if you want to…

✅ Build lean muscle.

✅ Get savagely strong with PR’s on all lifts.

✅ Experience the best training sessions of your life.

✅ Get structured personal development coaching.

✅ Learn how to eat thousands upon thousands of calories without piling on body fat. 

You with me?

Let’s go 👇🏻

This Is The Simple, Proven, & Fun Way To Nail Your Growth Phase So You Get Jacked, Strong AND Make HUGE Strides With Your Personal Development...

Here’s everything you get when you join The Growth Project...

MTN's Ultimate Guide to Growth - Which shows you all the ins and outs of building lean muscle from what to eat, when and how much to eat… to the best lifestyle and routine for supporting your growth phase goals. 

MTN's Muscle Building Meal Plans - If you're someone who hates tracking their food and loves the structure of a meal plan - these are for you. If you're someone who needs inspiration for your meals - you'll love these. 

MTN's Guide to Personal Development - We aren't just focusing on building muscle. We want to build your mindset, confidence and brain power so you see changes in every area of your life. If you've never dived into the personal development world - this guide will be the perfect start. 

MTN's Muscle Mastery Video Training - When you help 1000's of people build their best physique you get A LOT of questions. We've created a video library to answer every muscle building question you have so you’re never confused and always know your next steps. 

Bi-Weekly Video Coaching - You’ll hear from an MTN Coach every 2 weeks with updates and nest steps so you feel confident about your progress and know how to adjust your calories, steps and lifestyle in order to make continuous on-going changes. 

Weekly “E-Coaching” Sessions - On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I'll be in your inbox delivering more information on all things Mindset, Training and Nutrition. I know what questions you'll have before you do... and this is where I'll answer them day by day, week by week. 

DHatt Dm’s - Alongside your Monday, Wednesday and Friday emails I'll be in your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday delivering extra motivation and inspiration and giving you the chance to ask any questions.

Jacked & Strong Training Programs -
You'll have the choice of a program that focuses more on STRENGTH if that's your main goal or more on BUILDING MUSCLE if this is what you'd rather prioritise. 

Book a Call Sessions - There will be numerous opportunities throughout the Growth Project to grab a call with one of the MTN Coaches. Had a rough start to the week? Book a call! Unsure on calorie changes? Book a call! Need a kick up the arse? Book a call! 

Personal Development Tracker -
You can't master what you don't measure. I'll show you how to monitor both your muscle building and personal development growth using our custom built tracker which you’ll have for life. 

TGP Group Chat - If you’re thinking “why would I want to be in a group chat with strangers?” 🤔 then hear me out… being surrounded by people on the same path as you is a game changer when it comes to getting results. I’ll be in the group chat every week to answer any questions. 

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I'll level with you - Building muscle isn’t easy.

You need to train hard.

You need to eat a lot of food (this is actually kinda easy).

You need to be patient.

You need to resist the urge to randomly go on a “cut” when you feel a little fluffy.

And if you’re doing this the old school “bulking” way?

You’re in for a rough ride.


Let me break down how the methods you’ve been told will build muscle are actually setting you up to fail.

The “Bulking” Myths Destroying Your Muscle Building Potential

Eat 5,000 Calories Per Day (Or any other random number)

You DO need to eat more calories to build muscle.

But aiming for a random number or just trying to cram in as much food as possible is a BAD idea.

You’ll feel sluggish 24/7 from your body constantly digesting food.

Which means you won’t have the energy required to train hard in the gym and hit PR’s.

But worst of all…

You’ll pile on body fat at an alarming rate.

You won’t like the way you look.

You’ll be checking yourself out in the mirror every single day.

And eventually you’ll crack.

You’ll cancel your “bulk” and go on a random cut.

Then you’re into the vicious cycle of cutting and bulking based on how you’re feeling on a given week.

Should you expect a little body fat gain when building muscle? Absolutely.

But it doesn’t have to be excessive.

In fact, if you do it properly (I’ll explain how shortly).

You’ll hardly notice you’ve gained a single pound of body fat.

Hit a 1 rep max every other session

You’re not a powerlifter.

Just because you have the fuel to potentially hit PR’s doesn’t mean every session turns into a 1 rep max test.

This will not build muscle.

But it will increase your chances of injury.

You should get stronger when you’re trying to build muscle.

But stronger doesn’t always mean hitting a 1 rep max.

What about a 3 rep max?

What about getting 10 reps using the weight you previously used for 6 reps?

What about taking a specific muscle group to absolute failure?

Training to maximize muscle growth requires structure, variation, and just the right amount of challenges (presented at the right time).

Not random 1 rep max tests for likes and “💪” comments on Instagram.

Get as big as you possibly can

“I’ll get to 100kg then I’ll cut”

Sound familiar?

Aiming to be as big as possible or shooting for a random bodyweight target is a recipe for disaster.

You’ll make bad decisions.

You’ll neglect your health.

And worst of all? (this is really bad)

When you decide to get lean you’ll find it’s harder than ever before.

You’ve got so used to cramming as much food as possible into your mouth that even the slightest drop in calories is unbearable. 

You’ve neglected any kind of cardio (even daily steps) so you’re horrifically out of shape.

And you very quickly realise how wrong you were to chase “getting massive” at all costs.

Here's more insane results set up by the Growth Project...

But some of the most impactful and life changing results came in places you can’t see...

Personal development is everywhere these days.

From podcasts and books to social media and YouTube videos.

It can be hard to know where to begin.

Which is why we've created a personal development coaching plan within The Growth Project.

Your plan shares resources, lessons and insights you can apply to the key areas of your personal growth journey.

Because there’s no better time to put a BIG focus on your personal development than when you’re in a growth phase.

There’s no hunger, cravings or stress you get from dieting.

Plus you have endless energy and motivation from all the calories and PR’s.

So it makes perfect sense to go all in on personal development during your growth phase.

But with so much content and options out there it can be overwhelming.

Which is why we give you the equivalent of a training program for your mindset on the Growth Project.

So you quickly see huge changes in your confidence, happiness, discipline, emotional control and overall quality of life.

Want to see more end results set up by the Growth Project? 👇🏻

Which brings us to the "crossroads moment" 👀 ...

This is where I’m supposed to make you feel like you only have two choices.

You either join The Growth Project...

Or you never get the results you want, you lose your job, all your pals stop talking to you and you live a sad, lonely existence.

But that’s silly. 

Because you have plenty of choices.

I believe The Growth Project is the best one you have if you want to…

✅ Build lean muscle which sets you up to reveal your peak physique in 2024 (whether that’s as part of the 12 Week Peak or not).

✅ Get savagely strong with PR’s on all lifts and not just 1 rep max attempts on squat, bench and deadlifts.

✅ Experience the best training sessions of your life with tons of energy and motivation. 

✅ Make huge strides with your confidence, happiness, discipline, emotional control and overall quality of life.

✅ Learn how to eat thousands upon thousands of calories without piling on body fat. 

But you might feel different.

And that’s ok.

So here’s what I’ll say before I sign off…

Myself and the MTN Coaching are going to be with you every step of the way on The Growth Project.

So you won’t be alone.

You will always have the support, expertise and resources you need to get results.

All you need to bring is commitment, effort and communication.

If you can see yourself bringing these things to the table then you won’t regret signing up.

I promise you that. 

You can sign up by filling out your details below.

I hope to see you on the inside,

David Hatt

MTN Head Coach/Founder/Egg

Bang average guitar player & singer

Red wine connoisseur (not really, I just love wine).

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The Growth Project

The Growth Project FAQ's

🗣️ What are the workouts like?

Your workouts will be suited for all gyms. These will not cater for home workouts unless you have a fully equipped gym.

You'll have a choice of STRENGTH focused sessions or HYPERTROPHY (fancy way of saying muscle building) focused sessions.

And the one thing you will get to experience after every workout is PROGRESS.

You'll lift heavier than ever before with perfect technique.

You'll smash PR's across all your lifts.

You'll have the most ridiculous pumps after every workout (which are short lived but still cool).

The Growth Project will guarantee you're blown away by your performance in the gym.

🗣️ Do I get a meal plan or calorie & protein targets?

You get both!

We will be coaching you through the process of setting your own nutritional targets while providing you with our highly coveted meal templates.

🗣️ I'm not a big eater and I'm worried about how much I'll have to eat?

Don't worry.

Your nutrition is tailored to your needs.

And the methods we use to increase calories means you don't have to sit down and stare at a mountain of food for every meal.

There are plenty of "hidden in plain sight" approaches you'll use on The Growth Project that'll make increasing your calories easy, enjoyable and (most importantly) delicious.

🗣️ Will I gain weight?

Honestly… there's a good chance you will BUT not in the way you think.

You'll gain a little weight.

But because you're doing this using our Growth Methods you'll still look and feel amazing.

PLUS you'll also have...

More muscle, more calories, and more potential for your next fat loss phase to be unreal.

That's like asking you if you would spend £10 to make £100, the answer would ALWAYS be YES!

🗣️ How many days do I need to commit to training?

As a minimum - 3. As a maximum 4. As you'll soon see, we prioritise rest just as much as we do training. Rest and recovery are fundamental to growth.

🗣️ My goal is fat loss, can I still join?

No. But our 8 week fat loss project is set up in a similar way and you can sign up to this at any point.

🗣️ What's the difference between this and the 12 Week Peak program you offer?

The Growth Project is only 10 weeks. The 12 Week Peak is 12. The Growth Project centres around building your muscles and your mindset. The 12 Week Peak is strictly a fat loss program.

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